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Grudzień 2022
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Association Q Zmianom - about us

Association Q Zmianom
is a non-governmental organisation established in 2004 in Warsaw, Poland. Since then our associationhave inspired people at any age to reach their potential. We fulfil our mission through organizing trainings, workshops, psychotherapy and other forms of non-formal education and psychological help.

We have reached
over 18 000 children, youth and adults with our programmes, including school teachers, parents, people who are not in education, employment or training (NEETs).
Our educational and social activities are focused on:

  • development of key competences:
    • social skills (communication, emotional intelligence, conflict solving, media education, etc.)
    • citizenship education;
  • educational development (motivation, learning abilities);
  • supporting families from revitalization’s zones (building supporting social systems in special areas);


We closely cooperate with schools, public institutions and other non-governmental organisations to lend support to at-risk youth, children and areas. 

We are open to international co-operation and partnerships, for example within Erasmus+ and European Social Fund programmes. In 2015 we have successfully organised a project of learning mobility for youth workers "Together for changes" (Erasmus+ Key Action 1) in partnership with organisations from Italy and Slovakia.

In case of any questions or if you are interested in future cooperation, do not hesitate to contact us:

Marta Małecka:

Together for changes

The aim of the project Together for changes was the exchange of experiences and know-how in the field of working with youth, enhancing competences of youth workers and intercultural integration between organisations working with youth in different countries.

The main activity was a training course prepared jointly by all three partner organisations: Association Q Zmianom (Poland, leader organisation), Associazione La Stazione (Italy) and Association for Development, Education and Labour A.D.E.L. (Slovakia). A 6-day training course was organised in Gambassi Terme (Italy) for 15 participants (5 people from each organisation). During the training course, local youth workers and volunteers who were interested in the project also joined participants in their activities.

Follow-up activities included trainings for co-workers that didn’t participate in the mobility and creating a publication addressed to traineres, teachers and youth workers. Activities presented in the publication were selected from those experienced by us during the mobility. We consider them to be good practices, worth sharing.
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